Hospitality Flooring

We offer carpet cushions for a variety of hospitality applications, including guest rooms, public spaces, marine or cruise ship flooring, engineered, laminate, or hardwood flooring, and area rug padding.

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The cushion under your carpet is vital to its comfort and longevity. At Tred-MOR, we specialize in high-quality carpet cushion options that enhance carpet comfort by providing impact-absorbing padding from below. Carpet cushion also creates a supportive barrier between carpet and concrete subfloors, adding years to your carpet’s life even in high-traffic public areas.

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Carpet Cushion

Our carpet cushion options absorb shock and sound to provide a comfortable, noise-reducing solution for public and private spaces. They also offer supreme comfort and moisture- stain-resistant properties.

Acoustical Underlayment

Acoustical underlayment pairs perfectly with today’s popular engineered, laminate, and hardwood flooring, reducing noise and keeping floors looking better longer.